​The adult smokers guide to vaping


Brand Choices (for the advanced vaper)


TOBACCOS  (experience vaping with tobacco flavors)

I want to quit smoking cigarettes and keep hearing about electronic cigarettes, vapor cigarettes and vaping - what is it?

The adult guide to vaping will explain the three main reasons you smoke cigarettes and how vaping or vapor cigarettes can do the same for you without tar, smoke or harmful carcinogens.   

As a consumer, you may wonder how to pick the right brand and the best quality? Which one is the safest? What drives quality processes and assures the best outcomes within the organization? Here are a few thoughts about ingredients that make a good company among the best.


If you are currently smoking cigarettes, the transition to vaping or vapor cigarettes will be easier if you start with something you are already used to. If you could quit smoking from chewing gum, lollipops and candies, you would have done so a long time ago. You can enjoy vapor fruit flavors and desserts later, lets quit smoking cigarettes first.

Getting Started

Vapor Liquids 101.

Step by step new to vaping education by the adult guide to vaping. 

The adult guide to vaping. I want to quit smoking cigarettes!


Reputable Retailers

Here are a few that we have personally interviewed that are courteous, professional and very knowledgeable.  

Made In The USA

For some companies using the term, "Made in USA" is simply marketing. It’s misleading, it’s unsafe.